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These healthy lifestyle help you fight premature wrinkles

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These healthy lifestyle help you fight premature wrinkles

These healthy lifestyle help you fight premature wrinkles


Creases, lines, folds – you don't want these on your face, especially if you are still in your twenties or thirties. While the natural aging of wrinkles is part of it, it is possible to delay their appearance even before you reach your 50s or 60s.

Many factors influence the development of wrinkles, and the most modifiable is your lifestyle. Switch to a healthier lifestyle suggesting to prevent the development of wrinkles naturally early age. In real skin – leading, reputable cosmetics and laser clinics offer non-surgical skin treatments and facial rejuvenation in Forimi– we want to help you enjoy the natural youth wrinkle-free skin with the following health tips.


Stop smoking


Smoking is only harmful to your body and beauty. Studies have shown that nicotine accelerates the formation of wrinkles and increases their depth. Smoking causes the outer layer of the skin to damage the normal flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients to your skin's vasoconstriction.

Tobacco smoke also causes damage to elastin and collagen, which is responsible for the strength and elasticity of the skin. Chain smokers are most likely to have early wrinkles, even in their twenties. Unless you want to add more years to you, you have to say goodbye to the puff.



Avoid excessive sun exposure and never skip sunscreen

Nothing compares to the pure white beaches of the sun's glory, especially if you are on vacation, not outdoors for quite some time. But while you enjoy it, your collagen and elastin fibers are slowly breaking the damage caused by UV rays. Be sure to apply sunscreen (at least 30 with SPF) before you go out in the sun. As much as possible, limit your exposure to the sun, you will enjoy healthy, young skin for a long time.


Manage stress and get enough rest


Why not under constant stress, you tend to hate your image in the mirror. It's not just a psychological thing, it's because stress really body, affecting your body from the inside out.

Studies have shown that chronic unmanaged stress can affect cellular DNA and lead to premature aging. The other thing is that when you are worried about you, or if your work is too stressful, you often forget your health, don't get enough rest or sleep, or don't care what you eat – these negatively affect you. The skin and the youth that can suck you. All our experience stress and it is a good thing, work harder, but make sure you get enough rest and relaxation.


Eat healthy


It is an occasional indulgence of your favorite cheesecake, a healthy but balanced diet that should be observed most of the time. Limit or avoid the intake of highly processed, high-calorie, salty and sugary foods because these preservatives are bad for your health.

Studies have shown that high-glycemic foods release sugar molecules that will attach to collagen and protein in our skin, causing it to harden and lose its elasticity. Also drink enough water to keep your body hydrated. In giving you a youthful glow, a healthy diet also helps you manage your weight, fight free radicals, and boost your immunity to achieve optimal health.


Here at Forimi, we do not only provide you with the best and most advanced skin and anti-aging laser therapy in Beijing, we also believe that we are responsible for helping you to maintain a healthy, radiant, youthful skin.


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