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IPL Vs Laser Hair Removal

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IPL Vs Laser Hair Removal

IPL Vs Laser Hair Removal

IPL and laser hair removal



It's not your fault that home IPL and laser hair removal devices look almost identical, and trying to distinguish between the two can be tricky.


After several weeks of research, we have successfully mastered this technology, and now we are proficient in the way these machines work, and more importantly, the difference.


IPL - Abbreviation for "Strong Pulsed Light" - is a treatment for permanent hair removal, often confused with "laser hair removal". In fact, people often mistakenly call IPL machine processing "IPL laser hair removal" - this is not accurate because you are going to learn.


Of course, they do the same thing because they reduce body hair and they are delivered in the same way - a hand-held, power-providing device that provides a beam of light to the surface of the skin to kill hair growth - but the composition of the beam varies widely . Although the basic techniques are very similar, they are also very different.


Indeed, the light sources of both machines are emitted from the internal flash. But it is the type of light that separates these machines.


If you are looking to buy a laser or IPL depilatory, the only way to tell them to be different is to read the product name and description carefully. The machine you are interested in should be clearly marked as "IPL" or "laser" instead of both.


Intense pulsed light and laser interpretation


The laser hair removal machine produces a single, monochromatic, amplified wavelength of light.

The abbreviation for the word laser is - Light. amplification. stimulate. emission. radiation. There, you learn new things every day, unless you are a laser scientist, you already know.


However, IPL produces a completely different kind of light. Unlike lasers, light does not condense into a single spectrum and is not amplified.


IPL produces polychromatic light and consists of different colors of different wavelengths.

The laser is coherent, which means it produces a single, synchronized and uniform glare wavelength. It is a single focused beam focused on a small target surface. For example, hair follicles.


IPL light is incoherent because it consists of light waves emitted from different lengths. This is a wide wavelength light that can handle larger surface areas. For example, there are several follicles at a time.


Imagine a rainbow where the laser uses a spectrum/wavelength/color of light, while IPL uses the entire rainbow.


If you can imagine someone lighting a laser pan onto a wall, there will be a small dot. Now, imagine someone standing next to that person, using a small torch or flashlight to shine on the same wall, there will be a lot of light.




As mentioned above, hybrid laser and IPL hair removal treatments are very common, especially since IPL is sometimes referred to as "IPL laser treatment," which further adds to the confusion. The beam emitted by IPL is purely a spectrum, without the use of any direct laser - this is the key difference between them.


What is the difference in performance between IPL and laser hair removal?


IPL and laser hair removal treatments have been widely used since the 1990s, and they all use light energy to cause damage in the hair shaft, thereby destroying the hair growth process.

The hair on your skin is at a different stage of growth. Fully grown hair is irradiated by IPL or laser. It penetrates the surface of the skin and is absorbed by melanin in the hair shaft, transforming into strong health and “destroying” the growth process. From a few days to a week, the hair will naturally fall off.


Heat destroys the scars of growing cells and destroys their ability to regenerate - without damaging skin cells. You may want to "burn, it sounds painful," but laser and IPL treatments are comfortable and painless for most people. Having said that, everyone is different, most people are good, but you may be someone who has problems after laser treatment.

Always test a small area, such as a small piece on the forearm or calf, to understand your response before treating a larger area and consult a dermatologist before using an IPL or laser machine.

The performance and results of IPL and laser for permanent hair removal (although you need multiple sessions to completely remove) are roughly the same. Lasers may be more beneficial for thicker hair and are usually machines used in clinics.


Advantages of IPL hair removal




Less painful way to reduce hair loss


Although IPL treatment is not completely painless, it is much less painful than other methods of hair removal (such as waxing or hair removal).


Less Treatment Required over Time


Because IPL damages the roots of the hair, it prevents the hair follicles from growing out. Over time, this ultimately requires less treatment.


Flexible treatment time


A method of depilation involving pulling the hair out of the root, such as waxing or depilation, requires a certain amount of hair growth to carry out the method.

However, for IPL, you don't need any such regeneration because some wavelengths from the spectrum are directed at the hair follicles.

Better consumer range


There is a wider and better IPL product line that far exceeds the products offered by Laser. Braun Silk Expert, Philips Lumea Precision and Smooth Skin Gold 200 are the best IPL machines with state-of-the-art features and some best results.


Disadvantages of IPL hair removal


Of course, every great product has some drawbacks you might want to consider.


Is IPL suitable for everyone?


The pigmented melanin in the hair follicle plays an important role in the IPL hair removal process, which is why this treatment is not always suitable for people with darker skin because it can cause burns.


Due to the lack of melanin in the hair follicles, people with white, gray, light or red hair are not suitable for IPL treatment.

On the other hand, laser treatment is usually more suitable for a wider skin tone.


Long treatment time


Since the spectrum includes some wavelengths that are absorbed by the hair follicles, as well as other wavelengths that bounce off the skin, it may actually take longer to see the therapeutic effect.


We hope that our understanding of IPL hair removal, how it differs from laser treatment, and its various advantages and disadvantages will help you gain a deeper understanding of this method of hair removal.


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